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Inflatable air packaging for Ipad

Inflatable air packaging for Ipad

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air packaging for Ipad

air packaging for Ipad



1,What’s is air cushion bag?

customer also called he airpack/air cushion bag/air tube bag/air filling bag

Air cushion bags is Laminated using PE and nylon with air valve film in between, heat pressed with a high temperature mold to melt them together.


2,The different between airbag/airpack/air coushinbag/air tube bag with foam material/foam material?

Air bag design features a series of adjoining air tubes which are securely inflated to cushion and protect products during shipment, The tubes are connected via a series of patented on way valves, if one chamber is punctured , the others remain inflated,90% air


3,What’s the Advantage of Air cushion bag?

Air cushion bag can typically withstand multiple drops, The packaging performs long after other types have failed able to withstand up to 60-120kg  with out demage 

Upgrade200% protection!Save90%broken cost

Air cushion bag can save shipping and storage benefits the film rolls before inflation occupy very small space, saving storage cost.

ave 95% space, Save 95% weight, save 95% shipping cost!

 Air cushion bag  easy air inflation, convenient use, meets Just In Time demandnon-toxic, SGS certificated, can be recycled.

Air cushion bag non-toxic, SGS certificated, can be recycled

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