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Dongguan hongye packing material co., LTD for many years committed to the development and application of the composite packaging material for six years of development history, the number of automated production line introduced from abroad in 2007, and using the advantage of our company on the composite material, through unremitting efforts, the successful research and development to produce good quality, low price of the inflatable cushion bags, than traditional poly foam (PS), paper and so on compared with superior performance, company product test report submitted materials conform to the requirements of the environmental protection material, plastic film with non-toxic environmental protection. Is the earliest development and production (AIR - BAG) inflatable cushion gas column packing.

Dongguan hongye packing material co., LTD., factory building area of 5000 square meters, owns dust-free workshop of 3000 meters, the staff more than 100 professional research

Dongguan hongye packing material co., LTD

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